Unnikrishna m Damodaran

u m d, who ?
still in search. yet to discover. search engines will have a tough time. however the bots and spiders are trying their level best. these days pixel places are getting crowded. hope they will find me one day!
my name is unnikrishna. is it too short for you? here goes the full version. Unnikrishna Menon Damodaran, how about that? Very long. well, you have to live with it when you are in this space. ok, how about UMD? hmmmm.. but sounds like WMD! Weapons of Mass Destruction! eh! ?
no clue yet? follow me in the social pixel places- where there is no ecologically fragile land available for encroachment.
umd: {Survived primary, very basic literacy tests. Graduated in Graphic Design. Research scholar in surviving life-skills with crude visual narrative.}.

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